Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Monroe's in South Easton Cemetery

For many years, I had been searching for the grave of my great-grandmother, Maude M. McRae. All I knew about her was that she had passed away in November of 1988  in Brockton, Mass after being institutionalized for many years. I didn't have her obituary to tell me where she was buried nor did any family member know. 

So imagine my luck and surprise when I went to South Easton Cemetery on August 4th, to retake some pictures of another grave as well as search for a couple others, and stumbled upon this! I was shocked and incredibly pleased. And I was even more pleased when I saw that she was buried with her parents! 

I've always said that I usually stumble across the most important things I need by accident. And that day was proof!

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