Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - One Grave; Eleven Burials

Located in South Easton Cemetery of South Easton, Massachusetts is the Anderson Family Grave, which is the eternal resting place for my 3rd-great grandparents, Martin and Augusta Anderson, as well as nine other family members. Buried along side Martin and Augusta are (in order): 

- Their daughter, Amando (misspelled as Amanda)
- Their son, Charles Anderson 
- Charles' wife, Selma Gustafson.
- Charles and Selma's daughter, Ethel (died as a result of accidental drowning).
- Carl Peterson, Sigrid's husband.
- Sigrid Peterson, Charles and Selma's daughter.
- Arnold Peterson, Carl and Sigrid's son.
- Nils Pearson, Ottelina's husband.
- Ottelina Pearson, Martin and Augusta's daughter.

Martin Anderson (1842-1915)
Augusta Anderson (1849-1903)
Amando (1877-1905)
Charles Anderson (1870-1952)
Selma Anderson (1870-1946)
Ethel (1897-1908)
Carl Peterson (1891-1952)
Sigrid Peterson (1893-1988)
Arnold Peterson (1919-1919)
Nils Pearson (1882-1913)
Ottelina Pearson (1885-1932)

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