Monday, June 10, 2013

A Late Night Discovery Before Bed...

So I was puttering around on FamilySearch, looking for some information but not really getting my hopes up when I found the marriage record for my 2nd great grandmother Bridget Theresa Kane's marriage to her first husband, John McCormack!  Whoo-hoo!

Having found this document, some burning questions have been answered. I now know that Bridget and John were married in America (as opposed to already having been married when they came here from Ireland). They married on January 10, 1875 in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

I also know now that the maiden name of Bridget's mother, Kate, was Downy.

Another interesting thing is that Bridget's age is listed as twenty, which would make her birth year approximately 1855. Other documents I have found have always insinuated that Bridget was born in the late 1840's. It's an interesting piece of information to look into.

Below is the image of the marriage record for Bridget and John. Theirs is second from the top.

Marriage record for Bridget Kane & John McCormack.

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