Thursday, June 13, 2013

Parish Records for the Marriages of Bridget Theresa Kane

Lately, I've been trying to find out more about my 2nd great grandmother Bridget Theresa Kane and where exactly it is she came from in Ireland.

This past Saturday, I went to the Boston Irish Festival in Canton where The Irish Ancestral Research Association (TIARA) had a tent set up to provide assistance for those researching their Irish heritage. One of the suggestions they had for me was to find the parish records for each of Bridget's marriages. They said it was possible that these parish records might provide more information as to where exactly Bridget came from in Ireland.

To do this, I would have to contact the Archdiocese of Boston Archives with the names of those who married, the date of the marriage, the city the marriage took place in, and the name of the minister who performed it.

I e-mailed him yesterday with this information and he e-mailed me back fairly quickly with the parish records that I was looking for. While the records didn't provide any more information as to where Bridget came from in Ireland, they were nevertheless still good to have.

Parish Record for Bridget Kane's marriage to John McCormack.

Parish Record for Bridget Kane's marriage to James R. McRae.

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