Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - View Death Records For Free

This really only applies if you know of someone who died in Brockton but if that person died between 1897-1904, 1907-1920, or 1924-1941, then you can go to the main branch of the Brockton Public Library and view the original death record for free. The death records can, but not always, include the name of the deceased, gender, name of spouse, date of death, residence at time of death, cause of death, occupation, names and birthplaces of parents, and place of burial. And while not all death records are completely accurate, they nevertheless can be incredibly helpful.


  1. i wish i could visit there..just look thru the records and ..get to meet you..your experteze in researching is so helpful...

  2. Aw, I have many ancestors and relatives who lived in Brockton. Unfortunately, I won't be able to visit home (I grew up in Bridgewater) any time soon. But this is a wonderful opportunity for those who need to view the records!

    City Hall has always been very helpful when I walked in to request a record, and I think it's great that these particular years can be seen at the library too. :)

    1. Wendy, Brockton City Hall now has a fee just to look for a death record. And if they don't find it, you still don't get your money back.

      If they do find it, a certified copy costs $20.