Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday's Tip - No Death Notice or Obituary Printed

If you're looking through old newspapers trying to find an obituary or death notice of an ancestor but can't seem to find one, that might be because no obituary or death notice was printed by request of the deceased.

This is the case with two of my great-grandmother's sisters, Edith Clifford and Jennie Glover. Both of them didn't want a fuss to be made when they died.

When Edith died in 1995, she made a request to her daughter that no obituary or death notice be printed nor anyone be told. She would simply be cremated and that would be the end of it. My grandfather (Edith's nephew) did not find out about her death until several months afterwards.

When Jennie, who was living out in Califonia at the time, died in 1997, her body was simply brought over to Massachusetts by train, cremated, and her ashes were buried along side the rest of her family. No obituary or death notice was printed. My grandfather discovered she died when he was roaming through the cemetery and noticed her name had a death year next to it.

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